6 December 2011


I haven't been publishing on this blog lately, cause I've been working on gathering information on to a website.

So for the latest information about 'Capture' and my other work, go to www.estellerosenfeld.com

13 April 2011

Bits from 2nd showcase

Here are bits of what happened and what was shown at the second showcase at Central School of Speech and Drama on the 1st of April. To experience it, you have to be there...

19 March 2011

Save the date: 1st April

The second round of residency at Central School of Speech and Drama is coming quickly. We're going to lock ourselves and produce new material, experiment new ideas and devices.

I'm really looking forward to spending a whole week on this.

This is going to be a new opportunity to come and see how the work as progressed and help us try out the interactivity at the next showcase:

1st of April:

Because of the nature of the work, booking is essential: send an email to capture.rd@googlemail.com mentioning which slot you would like to attend.

The experience should last 30-45 minutes.

3 March 2011

1st scratch at CSSD

Here is a video of what we've done for the first scratch at Central School of Speech and Drama on the 25th of February.
I had a wonderful team made of Lousia Ashton, Nina Feldman, Claire Thill, Bryony Thomas and Thania Tympanari.

15 February 2011

Call for pictures of loved ones

I need your help:

What are we trying to capture when we take a picture of a loved one? A special moment? A feeling? A special smile? Intimacy? Is there a common trend to all?

As part of my R&D of Capture, I’m trying to explore this way of capturing human images/capturing humans. At the moment, I wouldn’t do much more than to look at them and try to answer artistically the above questions. But to do so, if I want to draw any sort of conclusion, I need a lot of them! This is why I need your help:

Send a picture that you have taken of someone you love, or that someone has taken of you to estelle@what-box.org
If you prefer, you can send prints or photocopies to:

Estelle Rosenfeld
Meltdowns - Studio 6
St Lawrence Industrial Estate
Manston Rd
Ramsgate CT11 0QZ

For now, I am interested in individual pictures, not group or family picture. If I choose to include them in any way within my work, I would of course first, ask for your consent, so don’t forget to add your name and a way in which I can contact you.

For more information about Capture, visit http://rd-capture.blogspot.com/

Many, many, many tanks.


11 February 2011

First Scratch, 5 February

Last Saturday, as part of Scratch Interact, the very beginning of 'Capture' was tried out with an audience. This is 'the waiting room', and could become the beginning of a promenade performance.

2 February 2011


I like the idea of Capture and Polaroid, the instant capturing of the person, of the moment in a pre-digital time. Having to provide images for showcases to come made have another look at them. I'm looking for something to represent and/or advertise 'Capture', so feel free to comment...

28 January 2011

Call for collaborators

Estelle Rosenfeld is looking for collaborators to research and develop her new piece of work: Capture.

She has been awarded a grant for the arts to look at ways of capturing human images as well as capturing humans. She would like to explore early motion devices and themes like migrations and surveillance. It would be presented as a promenade piece, somewhere between a show and an exhibition.

The work should consist in two separate weeks of workshop at Central School of Speech and Drama with a showcase at the end of each week. Other opportunities to show the work might also include Scratch Interact, Hatch, Suspense, New Marlowe Studio.

For this work she is looking for highly motivated and reliable performers with experience of puppetry. Interest in live art and experimental forms of theatre is essential, other artistic practices or technical skills would be an advantage.

For more information on Estelle's work, you can visit puppetsanddolls.org.uk to see her previous body of work and to read about the beginning of her research and development, look at rd-capture.blogspot.com.

For more information about dates and fees, email Estelle at estelle@what-box.org

To apply, please send a CV and a short cover letter explaining why you would be interested in this collaboration and what you think you could bring to the project at estelle@what-box.org before the 4th of February.

24 January 2011

First ever scratch!!!

I’m happy to announce the first ever bit of work that I’m going to show live about my R&D of Capture. It is called Scene 1: the Waiting Room and will be shown as part of Scratch Interact curated by Glue. It will be on February the 5th from 3pm to 6pm at the Kent University School of Arts in Canterbury.

To learn more about the event and book your free ticket visit: http://scratchinteract.wordpress.com/

It is free, but I would strongly recommend to book, as there is only a very limited audience.

16 December 2010

little cameras

So I had my first day (or night to be precise) of residency at Central on Tuesday, I've been focusing on CCTV cameras and webcams and spent a few hours in the dark, filming myself and surveilling myself in silence, so not much to say really, more to show. So you can have a look at some abstracts below:

I’ll be in central again tonight to try other things, may be bring a few puppets into the picture too, as I'm aware that filming myself all evening looks terribly self-indulging, but really, it's only cause I'm the least resentful guinea-pig. I'm now on the hunt for a doll, a real one I mean, not a puppet. I won't say it all at this point but it has to do with that: http://www.barbie.com/videogirl/